Is it too late to learn the Drums as an Adult?

Discover the rewarding adventure of learning to play the drums as an adult. Whether you’re an experienced musician or a total beginner, embrace the rhythm and begin your drumming journey now. It is never too late to pursue your musical love!

You might think you are too old to learn to play the drums. Nothing could be further from the truth! As long as you can hold a pair of sticks, you can benefit from playing the drums at any age. Many of the best players continue to play professionally at least through their seventies. By taking drum lessons in Los Angeles & Hollywood, you can develop a lifelong appreciation for playing the drums and continue to reap its many benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of playing the drums is that it can improve your physical fitness. Of all the ways to make music, playing drums is one of the most physical. Unlike most other instruments, drums require you to use all your limbs. 

Playing the drums can be a full-body workout, while many other instruments, such as piano and guitar, require little more physical than moving fingers. Your drum teacher in Los Angeles & Hollywood will help you learn to move efficiently and to hit the drums in ways that are more gentle on your limbs and joints. Even with these efficiency improvements, however, playing drums can be quite a full-body workout. 

Additionally, you can work with your drum teacher in Los Angeles & Hollywood to develop a plan of study that is geared toward your particular level of physical ability.

No matter the limits of your physical ability, though, playing the drums is undeniably great stress relief. Playing music of any type requires focused concentration, which will take your attention away from whatever daily mental stresses you may be facing as an adult. Also, one cannot overlook the sheer physical release resulting from hitting the drums and getting your blood flowing which is difficult to replicate with most other instruments.

Another benefit of learning to play the drums is that it will help with your coordination. Playing the drums requires you to move your hands and feet together in a variety of combinations, and with precise time. When you begin lessons, your drum teacher in Los Angeles & Hollywood will show you simple beats to work on slowly. You may still find the coordination required to be completely foreign at first. 

Indeed, one of the unique challenges of playing the drum set is that you are actually playing several instruments at once, such as the kick drum, snare drum, and hi-hat, and these need to stay synchronized. The more you repeat the same rhythms during your practice time and during your Los Angeles drum lessons, though, the more natural the coordination will become, and the more ready you will be to play faster, more complicated music.

Yet another advantage of playing the drums as an adult is that the learning curve is often easier than with some other instruments. Compared to some other instruments like violin and even guitar, learning the very basics is often easier on drums, as you will be working on repeating beats rather than learning notes and having to worry about changing chords. It is also easier simply to produce sound on drums than it is with some other instruments, such as violin or most wind instruments, where it can take a much longer time to learn to make a pleasant sound.

As an adult, you can set your practice schedule and work at your own pace while learning the drums, but compared to some other instruments, drums can provide a little quicker gratification at first. As you progress, your drum teacher in Los Angeles & Hollywood will help you refine your techniques and work on fine details of your sound, but even as a new adult beginner, you will be able to make useful musical sounds on the drums.

Although drums may be easier to start on than some other instruments, this does not at all mean that you will run out of things to work on. There are always more complicated pieces of music to learn, and you can continue to work on the technical aspects of your playing, such as precision in your timing and coordination. Moreover, even with the simplest music, the more you play the more you will refine your touch and resulting sound while playing. By working with a drum teacher in Los Angeles & Hollywood, you will continually receive direction on which aspects of your playing to work on. After you develop basic skills of playing the drums, you can start to work on the more intangible aspects of playing, like the feel or groove of a beat, and how it supports the rest of the musicians in the group.

Speaking of supporting other musicians, one of the greatest benefits of learning to play the drums as an adult is that it is inherently a social activity. While you will likely be playing along with recordings often as you are working on new music during your drum lessons in Los Angeles & Hollywood, the primary purpose of playing drums is usually to provide a rhythmic foundation for other musicians. While most popular music styles can be played on a variety of instruments, there is almost always a drum set at the heart of the group, setting the style of the music and providing a rhythmic framework for everyone else to play off of. The drum set is used in so many styles of music, from rock, to pop, to country, that you will have numerous options of types of groups to play with. No matter the style of music, however, the joy of making music together with others is a unique, fulfilling experience.