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Thank you for your interest in music and performing arts lessons at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts. To make the registration process easier, it can be completed in-person, via phone, email, or by using the secure form below. Please contact us with any questions or issues that you may have at or (323) 651-2395.

Please scroll down for the registration form! 🙂

Private Program Tuition – Adults and Children
Private Instruction tuition for music/instrumental programs as well as Music Theory, Songwriting and Composition, and Early Childhood Music is as follows:

Private Lessons    Pricing (Melrose Campus, 4 lessons per month)
30min weekly $159/month
45min weekly $239/month

60min weekly


Special Note for Charter School and Homeschooled Students
We are certified vendors with multiple charter schools serving Southern California and Los Angeles County, including Blue Ridge Academy. If you would like to register as a charter school student and use your educational credits for tuition, please request a Purchase Order (PO) through your HST. The student may begin classes as soon as our office receives the PO. 

Charter School Eligible Classes include private instrument and voice lessons, private songwriting lessons, as well as our entire array of virtual classes. 

In-Home Classes
We are happy to offer in-home lessons for students who are unable to take lessons at our location. However, with several hundred students, availability varies throughout the year. Please contact our office to check whether a teacher would be available. 

Musical Theatre Tuition (Ages 7+)
Musical Theatre Program Cost is a flat tuition of $99/month. Each installment lasts for 12-16 weeks (the equivalent of 3-4 months). All currently ongoing sessions have a waiting list (including Summer 2022). Please contact us to reserve a slot for the the Fall 2022 sessions

Little Folks Rock Band (Ages 4-7)
Little Folks Rock Band has a flat tuition of $139/month. Each Rock Band class lasts for 14-18 weeks (the equivalent of 3-4 months) and consists of 4 students per class. Fall 2022 sessions are currently scheduled for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Want to open a class just for your child and family/friends? With an enrollment of 3 students, we will gladly open a Little Folks Rock Band slot specifically for your group – contact us to arrange!

Recitals take place twice a year. Students receive trophies, certificates, medals, and a chance to take photos with special seasonal guests. All photos and videos from recitals are distributed to students free of charge by the photographers and videographers at the event.

Enrollment and Registration Form

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