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Songwriting Lessons & Music Composition

Songwriting Lessons in Los Angeles and Virtually

Songwriting Lessons – Overview and General Information

The Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts has been consistently named as the best music school and top program for songwriting lessons in the Los Angeles area. Our Academy has provided tens of thousands of in-person music and songwriting lessons to students from Hollywood, West LA, West Hollywood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Brentwood, Bel Aire, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we have delivered world-class virtual lessons to students out-of-state and abroad, specifically in China, France, the Cook Islands, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Slovenia, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

With decades of teaching experience, our songwriting teachers are personable, engaging, and most importantly – experienced teaching songwriting, music composition, and music theory to students of all ages and all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, the songwriting teachers at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts have you covered.

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Songwriting Lessons in Los Angeles for Children and Teenagers (Ages 11+)

Our instructors have decades of experience teaching complete beginners and guiding them through the fundamentals of music composition and songwriting, including writing original melodies, understanding the music theory behind composition, as well as exercises to understand the fundamentals of any song. Students who are interested in making faster progress are allowed to enroll in songwriting lessons twice-a-week. We recommend students start songwriting and music composition lessons at 11+.

Songwriting Lessons in Los Angeles for Adults (Overview)

Our ultra-popular songwriting program is customized and tailored to each student’s goals and focuses on teaching students the process of creating original melodies, chords and lyrics, while using the piano, guitar, and drums as part of the learning process and accompaniment for the songwriter. The class is aimed at allowing a student to write their own song from scratch and record the song (for no additional fees) at the Academy’s recording studio. The best part? Unlike many other programs and studios, you own the rights to the song that you compose as part of the classes.

The songwriting classes are taught by professional songwriters that have a wide array of industry and studio experience. This ensures that your classes are not just teaching you how to write songs and compose music, but are allowing you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your instructors, who often times are seen as mentors by our students.

Are you an actor or an entertainment industry professional? Hundreds of actors have been enrolled in our songwriting classes as a way enhance their skills and create unique content for their reels. If you would like to be next, contact us today – we are here to help you succeed!

Program Age Requirements: 11+ (open to children 11+ and adults)

Lesson Time and Duration: The recommended duration for songwriting classes is a minimum of 60min per class, once-a-week, although many students opt to take classes twice-a-week.

Prerequisites: None. Although basic knowledge of piano, guitar, or music theory is helpful, it is not required as the course will integrate as much fundamental content as needed to get the student up to the required level.

Learn More About Our Songwriting Instructors

As a premier music academy in Los Angeles, a single opening for a songwriting teacher at our Los Angeles campus generally receives over a hundred applications from top songwriting teachers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We take our hiring process extremely seriously and screen each teacher for the following qualities:

  • World-class education from the world’s finest music schools, programs, and universities (Juilliard, UCLA, USC Thornton School of Music, Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, the Royal Conservatory of London)
  • Real-world performing experience
  • Positive and engaging personality
  • Ability to create custom plans and goals for students of all ages and levels

Our instructors are ready to help you reach your goals, no matter how ambitious!


Why You Should Choose the Hollywood Academy of Music for Songwriting Classes in Los Angeles

  1. Premier Music Academy Serving Los Angeles Since 2004 
  2. Month-to-Month Lessons and No Contracts
  3. Convenient Scheduling Options on Weekdays and Weekdays
  4. Comfortable Waiting Area and Garden-Style Patio with Complimentary WiFi 
  5. Rehearsal Spaces for Students to Record Performances and Practice
  6. Complimentary Use of On-Premises Recording Studio for Students
  7. Educated and Experienced Faculty with 18+ Dedicated Teachers
  8. Month-to-Month Lessons and No Contracts
  9. Frequent Recitals and Performance Opportunities
  10. Private Make Ups
    • Unlike most schools, we provide private make ups, rather than having students attend group classes in lieu of missed classes 

Frequently Asked Questions about Songwriting Lessons

1. At what age should a child start songwriting lessons?

Usually, the recommended age to start songwriting is eleven (11) and up. Students ages 4-5 are highly encouraged to enroll in piano, violin, voice, ukulele classes (or Little Folks Rock Band). Students ages 6 – 9 can begin learning the guitar and those near the upper end of this range can begin exploring woodwinds and brass instruments. Students younger than four (4) are encouraged to enroll in our private Early Childhood Music Classes which focus on teaching music fundamentals in a game-like and fun environment. The benefits of taking music lessons as a child are numerous, including cognitive development, improved memory, and social benefits. Music has been scientifically proven to improve academic results, mental health, and self-esteem, all while providing children with a life-long passion.

2. Am I too old to start songwriting lessons?

Our oldest songwriting student was in her 50s. You are never too old to learn as long as you are motivated and put in the effort. Our caring teachers are here to support and guide you on the wonderful journey of learning music. Adults learning music can gain a life-long passion, meet new people, and improve their confidence and self-esteem. For adult students, our teachers are not just there to teach – they are also mentors who can help you conquer your fears. We see our adult students partake in their first open mics and give their first recitals on a daily basis. Music is an inspiration, no matter your level and age!

3. How long will it take to learn songwriting?

Music is like sports, and to reach the highest levels, long-term commitment is required. However, not everyone is here to become a professional musician. Generally, within the first two-three months of lessons, you will have a completed first song ready to go and record! With time, you will see improvement in your musicality, ability to write catchy melodies, as well as develop a good understand of the elements of a song and music theory.

4. I do not have space to practice. What should I do?

We are not just a music academy providing the best music lessons – we are a community! Because of this, we offer practice space to those students who cannot practice at home due to noise concerns.

5. Are songwriting lessons customized to my goals? 

Yes, all songwriting lessons are customized and tailored to your goals. For complete beginners, you can expect to spend the first few weeks covering fundamentals. After several weeks, you will embark on a journey to write your own song (with your teacher’s support, of course).  

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