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Piano Lessons

We recommend students start piano lessons at age 4 and up.  The piano is a wonderful instrument to start young children (and adult beginners) on for several reasons:

(a) it’s not as physically demanding to play as most other instruments which makes it more fun and less frustrating for beginners

(b) the linear nature of the piano makes it easier to understand this instrument than many others

(c) playing the piano tends to give students a good general musical foundation

(d) learning the piano helps students more easily acquire knowledge about music theory

(e) the piano can easily be used to accompany the voice and any other instrument

(f) the piano doesn’t require frequent tuning, changing of strings or constant maintenance.

Piano is also a highly recommended alternate choice as a starter for children who are too young to begin lessons on their preferred instrument (i.e. guitar, bass, saxophone, trumpet, etc.).  Learning the piano provides such a great musical foundation for students that it will usually help a beginning student transition with much greater ease to another instrument at a later time.

The Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts has provided piano lessons to students in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley since 2004. We pride ourselves on the immense progress that our students make and can’t wait to help you or your little ones reach your goals!

Voice and Piano Combination Lessons

As noted on our Voice Lessons page – all of our voice instructors offer voice and piano combination lessons, which are available to both children and adults.  A voice and piano combination lesson emphasizes a dual focus on both vocal technique and playing the piano – combined into one lesson.  Part of the lesson will often be focused on teaching students how to sing and play with piano accompaniment at the same time.  For very young children (ages 5-8), a voice and piano combination lesson is recommended instead of a full lesson of voice, as a younger child’s vocal chords and lung capacity are not usually developed enough to endure rigorous vocal technique.


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