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  • Private or group lessons
  • Join an existing group lesson or “start your own class” option
  • Schedule children in multiple classes with different teachers at the same time
  • Customized lesson plans – students can choose the music that they work on
  • FREE recitals twice per year.  No performance fees or admission costs! Our recitals include participation trophies, as well as free family photos by a certified photography crew!
  • Private make-up for all students. Unlike other schools, we offer make-ups in a private setting, rather than turning them into group classes.


Introduction and Overview

Learning to play a musical instrument can be an exhilarating and wonderful experience! The initial excitement for a beginner learning an instrument can be inspirational and powerful.  For adults, the primary key to success is regular and routine practice.  However, for younger students (especially children younger than eight) it is common that their interest in music typically needs to be supported and sustained with parental involvement, which is extremely helpful facilitate practice.  This helps to ensure continued progress for younger children learning music. Our school has delivered music lessons to thousands of young children – we are sure that we will be able to help you or your child reach your goals and provide a wonderful experience!

Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons

Private lessons ensure that students get an opportunity to move at their own pace and not feel that they’re either: (a) getting left behind or (b) getting bored because the other students are moving too slowly.  Private lesson students get more individual attention and feedback during their lessons, and the lesson plans are more easily customized according to their particular interests and musical tastes because they alone take the class.

Group lessons, however, can be a wonderful introduction to learning music.  Because of the social nature of group lessons, they can actually be more fun for beginning students than privates and thus create additional motivation and a greater sense of community than private lessons.  We have had several students take group lessons for years, which can be very effective as long as the skill levels of the students in the same class are evenly matched.  Additionally, the fees are lower for group lessons, making it a more economical choice.  Most students taking group lessons, however, will eventually move on to private lessons after a few months (or sometimes less) because it’s often difficult to find other students who progress and learn at the same pace.

Music lessons are a very personal activity, which is why we often recommend taking private classes for students who have decided which instrument they would like to pursue. For students between the ages of 2.5 and 4, we recommend enrollment in our group Early Childhood Music class, which provides a broad and fun introduction to the musical world!

Parental Involvement

We have found that for younger children (4-8 years old – sometimes up to 10 years), it is important that they receive parental support and involvement in the first year.  This is usually crucial for a child beginner to have success playing a new instrument.  This means sitting with the child at home and helping them practice, or at least getting them started with practice at home and checking back to help if and when they get stuck.  Even parents with no musical background can help their child practice by sitting in on a lesson to get familiar with materials, or they can observe the tail end of a lesson. All of our instructors provide continuous feedback to parents, ensuring success and progress every week.

Make Up Lessons

We offer six make-up lessons for our enrolled students.  Lessons should be canceled with a 24-hour advance notice (we can make an exception if your child is sick) and we are happy to reschedule their class. Unlike other schools, we offer make-ups in a private setting, rather than turning them into group classes and mixing students of different levels.


We offer free bi-annual recitals in only the highest quality, top-notch local performance auditoriums and venues with excellent acoustics.  Our traditional recital in Santa Monica features a Steinway Grand Piano, as well as the Glendale Public Library Main Auditorium.


We offer lessons in the greater Los Angeles area to students from the age of 2 – adult.  We currently have preschool-age students, and also students who are in their 70’s and 80’s taking lessons with us.

For more information on what ages are the best fit for a class, program, or particular instrument, please visit the program page of your choice, or just give us a call!

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