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Since 2004, Hollywood of Music and Arts has been providing both kids and adults of Los Angeles with high quality, affordable music lessons and performing arts classes in a world-class, professional studio environment as well as online via Zoom. 

Over 5,000 students have attended lessons and classes at Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts since our founding, making us one of the largest private music and arts schools in LA. 

10 Benefits of Becoming a Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts Student

A central location in the heart of Hollywood (Melrose Avenue). We’re located right next to schools, restaurants, retail stores, and most importantly – coffee shops! You will ALWAYS have plenty to do while you or your kids are taking classes! 

A comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi so you can work or surf the web while you wait! If you prefer to wait outside, we even offer an outdoor patio for your use!

Musical instruction on over 17 instruments and voice – available all in one location! If you have multiple students taking classes, we are able to schedule them at the SAME TIME! Our offerings include piano, voice, electric and acoustic guitar, violin, bass, drums, percussion, cello, viola, ukulele, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, mandolin, songwriting, pre-school music, music theory and composition, and songwriting!

Full time dedicated administrative staff during all teaching hours.  Our front desk staff is available to assist our students at all times during regular lesson hours.  Unlike some other studios where the teacher manages the schedule and collects lesson fees – our students don’t miss out on valuable lesson time because our administrative staff is available to help with the extras at all times. You will ALWAYS be able to talk to a live person – whether you’re taking classes in person or online!

A dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, and most importantly EXPERIENCED staff of 18 instructors. Our entire faculty holds degrees from the world’s best conservatories, in addition to having years and years of teaching and performing experience. Our Academy routinely receives 100+ teaching applications for a single opening, so you can rest assured that you are in the hands of the BEST PROFESSIONALS!

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES! We are open on weekdays and weekends and are able to accomodate times in the early mornings, afternoons, and late evenings (we even have students taking classes until 9pm)! We can accomodate nearly all schedules, whether you are in kindergarten, high school, are a working professional, or are retired!

NO CONTRACTS! – we offer month-to-month lessons and you may quit at any time with just a 30-day-notice!

PRIVATE MAKE UPS! Unlike most of our competitors, we believe that if you pay for private lessons, you must not be receiving group make ups. Despite the additional effort on our end, we are happy to provide PRIVATE make ups for all of our students – something that sets us apart from so many schools!

FREQUENT PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES! We hold recitals twice a year featuring world-class photographers, videographers, and special guests (cough, cough… Santa!). We are proud that students of ALL AGES participate in our events and have an absolute blast. The best part? Our recitals are FREE! Students receive trophies, certificates, medals, family photos, performance videos, as well as an unforgettable time!

 A proven track record of excellence since 2004.  Visit our testimonials page (here) to get a better idea of what our school is about.  While many new teachers open and close a new studio in their first year, Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts has a proven track record of offering quality instruction since opening over 17 years ago; we have taught lessons to over 5,000 students!

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