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Trumpet Lessons

We recommend starting trumpet lessons at 8 or 9 years and older, because the trumpet requires both physical exertion and lung power.  The trumpet has the highest register in the brass family, and most students will begin playing the B♭trumpet, which is the most common type.  A trumpet makes a sound when the player “buzzes” the lips in the mouthpiece, creating a vibrating column of air in the tubing.

A fair amount of power and breath control is required to get a clean trumpet tone, and it is generally considered to be one of the more difficult instruments to play.  Patience is required of beginning trumpet students because progress will be slow and steady in early lessons.  For younger students it is highly recommended that they take piano lessons prior to (or in tandem with) trumpet lessons.  This allows a student to develop a vision of the keyboard that is a graphic representation of where all of the notes are.  It’s harder to see the big picture if a student just takes trumpet, which is a monophonic instrument.  Lessons on the cornet have also been used as a bridge to learning the trumpet because the cornet is a smaller instrument and usually easier to play for beginners.



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