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Since 2004, Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts has been providing both kids and adults of Los Angeles with high quality, affordable music lessons and performing arts classes to students of all ages in a professional studio environment. Over 5,000 students have attended lessons and classes at Hollywood Academy of Music since our founding, making us one of the largest private music and arts schools in LA. We also offer scholarships and reduced fees to students in need in order to further the growth of the arts in our community, and to help students in need to learn life skills and to build self-esteem through arts education.

Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts is a proud member of the MTAC and MTNA. Our goal is not only to teach students the art of performance, but also help students from all socioeconomic backgrounds have access to musical education at a rate affordable for the student and his/her family!

About the Principal

Photo by Regina G.The Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts is operated by Dr. Regina Gurgenyan, an educator with more than twenty years of professional industry and teaching experience.

At the age of fifteen, Regina graduated with honors from the Z. Paliashvili Special Music Gymnasium for Gifted Children in Tbilisi, Georgia (USSR). As a student of Georgian pianist Tengiz Amirejibi (who was a student of Heinrich Neuhaus, a world-famous Soviet/Russian pianist), she presented her country in numerous domestic and international competitions in addition to her many solo recitals and concerts with the Georgian Symphonic Orchestra. Regina earned her Doctorate of Musical Arts from the Tbilisi State Conservatory and taught undergraduate music courses to talented young musicians at her alma mater for many years. Later in her academic career, Regina taught at the Moscow Central Music Gymnasium.

Regina’s private instructional studios in Glendale and Fountain Valley, CA have received the distinction of “Best Music Studios” from the City of Glendale Business Hall of Fame in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. 

At HAMA, Dr. Gurgenyan teaches piano, music theory, advanced performance, as well as heads the Music Teachers’ Association of California Certificate of Merit Examination Committee.

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Recent Honors and Awards 

Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts is a Steinway Educational Partner! We are beyond proud to be partners with one of the world’s leading and legendary musical brands, allowing us to offer students complementary access to exclusive events, workshops, and masterclasses in addition to their instruction at the Academy.

We are also proud to have been named the Best Music School in Los Angeles for 2021 and 2022 by With over 770 schools nominated and reviewed, we are proud to have been continuously at the top of the list!

Optional Exam Preparation at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts

***Students interested in preparing for music proficiency exams can do so, as our academy has over fifteen years of experience in helping students achieve great results on the MTAC CM, MTNA, and ABRSM Exams.***

AP Music Theory Exam Preparation by CollegeBoard

General information

Administering Entity
CollegeBoard – AP Exams

Exam Timeline
AP Music Theory Exams are administered at students’ school sites in May of every year. The exam follows a comprehensive curriculum released and updated annually by CollegeBoard. Students needing instruction and preparation help may start at any time during the academic year. We are proud to have taught over 250 students enrolled in AP Music Theory and are confident that our faculty can help you pass the exam with flying colors.

Outcomes and Achievements
Students receiving a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Music Theory Exam may receive college credit and avoid taking a Music/Art GE in college. Depending on the school, the threshold to obtain a waiver may begin at a 4, despite 3 being a passing score. Our pass rate on the AP Music Theory Exam is 100% and our mean score is 4.95 (over 90% of students receive 5’s).

Certificate of Merit Exam

General information

Administering Association
Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC)

Exam Timeline
Registration must be completed by October 31. If you plan to participate in the CM Exam, please notify the school by mid-August, since the preparation for the theory and performance portions takes close to six months.

Outcomes and Achievements
Those who successfully complete CM Exams are eligible for college credit covering general education music/art classes (please check with college for specific details). Students who receive 100% of the CM Theory Exams or pass the Performance Portion of the Level 5+ Exam are granted special branch honors. The exams are administered by each CM chapter in California. HAMA Exams are administered by the MTAC Glendale Chapter. In the past, our students have averaged a 98% on the Theory portion of the exam and the Academy has a 100% pass rate. We have many students every year who receive a 100% on the Theory Exams and are thus granted Special Branch Honors, certificates, and trophies. If you would like your child to participate in CM, please talk to the school office and we will set up a preparation timeline.

Other Exams – MTNA and ABRSM

Our Academy also prepares students for the annual MTNA and ABRSM Exams. If interested in participating in either, please let the school administration know by mid-August for the MTNA Exam and at any point throughout the year for the ABRSM Exam. We recommend taking the MTNA/ABRSM exams if the results are to be used internationally. If used within the United States or California, we recommend the MTAC CM Exam, which is more comprehensive and has better accreditation in California than either the MTNA or ABRSM Exams.

HMA Foundation Sponsored By


HomeLight, a venture-backed real estate company based in California is one of the sponsors of the Academy’s Foundation, which strives to ensure that music and the arts are affordable for all students, no matter their socioeconomic background. The Foundation partners with non-profits, schools, kindergartens, and individual students to develop long-lasting partnerships and programs which further the arts in our communities. We are thankful to HomeLight for supporting the educational journey of so many children and adults. 

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