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Recording Technology

Recording Engineer Program

Learn the skills necessary to become a music industry engineer & producer

The recording engineer program is a one-on-one program designed to teach students the skills necessary to become a recording studio engineer/producer. The course covers everything one needs to know in order to record a high-quality CD, including advanced audio production skills. All recording engineer instruction is done using the current standards in home and studio recording technology: Pro Tools and Reason or Logic. Students will learn the basics of multi-track recording including; an overview of Pro Tools and Reason or Logic software, how to create and layer new tracks, setting levels correctly, use of plug-in effects, bussing, panning, mixing, mastering, creating drum loops and more. Because this is a one-on-one program, students can move at their own pace. Our instructors are able to either start from the most basic beginning level or teach advanced concepts depending on the student’s background and experience.

Recording Artist Program

Record your CD with a Pro Tools studio producer.

The recording artist program is designed for students who have some musical background and are interested in recording their own CD in a professional studio setting. Students can create and record original material or remake a previously recorded song by another artist. For vocalists wanting a high quality professional demo recording, our studio producer will create genre specific tracks for you to sing on. For instrumentalists wanting to showcase their skills as a performer, our studio producer will create the right template for you to shine. Recording is done in our Pro Tools and Reason professional studio. We generally recommend students have at least 6 months of private lesson experience.


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