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Guitar lessons

GUITAR LESSONS – Acoustic & Electric

We recommend students start acoustic guitar or electric guitar lessons at age 8 and up.

For beginning students between the ages of 5-7 that express an interest in guitar lessons, we alternately recommend starting on the ukulele first, for two reasons: 1) because the size of the ukulele is much smaller and easier to hold and 2) because the chording technique is much easier and less physically demanding than the guitar.  Many ukulele chords can be played with one or two fingers which make the ukulele much easier to play for beginners.  Ukulele strings are also nylon, smaller, and simply don’t hurt a beginning students hands as much.  Most guitar chords require three or four fingers to play, which makes it more difficult for small children to properly fret.  Once a younger student has played ukulele for several years, it will be relatively easy to make the transition to the guitar.

Guitar lessons at Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts will include a healthy mix of technique and repertoire (learning songs).  Private lessons will be customized to the individual student’s interests, especially in terms of the songs learned.  Lessons will typically include some of the following subjects (depending on student’s skill level):

  • Single string technique – learning how to play melodies and “guitar riffs”
  • Chord strumming
  • Learning songs (or parts of songs) from the students favorite bands/artists
  • Open chords, barre chords, extensions and inversions
  • Scales, arpeggios & modes
  • Reading guitar tablature and note reading on the grand staff
  • Learning how to play and transcribe songs by ear (ear training)
  • Guitar based music theory
  • Playing guitar as a duo with your teacher


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