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Expert Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles for All Levels

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Begin Your Musical Journey with Guitar Lessons for Beginners in Los Angeles

Guitar Lessons – Overview and General Information

The Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts has been consistently named as the best music school and top program for guitar lessons in the Los Angeles area. Our Academy has provided tens of thousands of in-person music and guitar lessons to students from Hollywood, West LA, West Hollywood, Culver City, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Brentwood, Bel Aire, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we have delivered world-class virtual lessons to students out-of-state and abroad, specifically in China, France, the Cook Islands, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Slovenia, Japan, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

With decades of teaching experience, our guitar teachers are personable, engaging, and most importantly – experienced in teaching guitar (both acoustic and electric) to students of all ages and all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, the guitar instructors at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts have you covered.

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Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles for Children (Ages 6+)

Our instructors have decades of experience teaching complete beginners and guiding them through the fundamentals of music and guitar, including music theory, sight reading, and technique with an end goal of guiding them through to an advanced level. Students who are interested in making faster progress are allowed to enroll in guitar lessons twice a week. We recommend students start acoustic guitar or electric guitar lessons at age 6 and up.

For beginning students between the ages of 4-5 that express an interest in guitar lessons, we alternately recommend starting on the ukulele first, for two reasons: 1) because the size of the ukulele is much smaller and easier to hold and 2) because the chording technique is much easier and less physically demanding than the guitar.  Many ukulele chords can be played with one or two fingers which makes the ukulele much easier to play for beginners.  Ukulele strings are also nylon, smaller, and simply don’t hurt a beginning student’s hands as much.  Most guitar chords require three or four fingers to play, which makes it more difficult for younger children to properly fret.  Once a younger student has played ukulele for some time, it will be relatively much easier to make the transition to the guitar.

If your child is younger than four (4), please check out two awesome music classes for the very young: the Prodigies Childhood Music Class (private, ages 2+) and Little Folks Rock Band (ages 3.5-7).

Guitar Lessons in Los Angeles for Adults (Overview)

As an adult student, you may feel scared or shy to start up guitar lessons. However, you will be pleased to know that over 40% of the students taking guitar lessons at the Hollywood Academy of Music are adults! Whether you are an actor looking to expand your musical abilities, a software engineer looking for a new hobby, or just want to pick up the guitar because you took lessons as a child – we are here to help.

In addition to specializing in complete beginners, our faculty of guitar teachers with Master’s and DMA degrees from the world’s leading universities have decades of experience teaching advanced students, including at the university level. No matter what your situation or level is, learning the guitar is doable as an adult!

Guitar lessons at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts will include a healthy mix of technique and repertoire (learning songs).  Private lessons will be customized to the individual student’s interests, especially in terms of the songs learned. Lessons will typically include some of the following subjects (depending on the student’s skill level):

  • Single string technique – learning how to play melodies and “guitar riffs”
  • Chord strumming
  • Learning songs (or parts of songs) from the student’s favorite bands/artists
  • Open chords, barre chords, extensions and inversions
  • Scales, arpeggios & modes
  • Reading guitar tablature and note reading on the grand staff
  • Learning how to play and transcribe songs by ear (ear training)
  • Guitar-based music theory
  • Playing guitar as a duo with your teacher

Learn More About Our Guitar Instructors

As a premier music academy in Los Angeles, a single opening for a guitar teacher at our Los Angeles campus generally receives over a hundred applications from top guitar teachers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We take our hiring process extremely seriously and screen each teacher for the following qualities:

  • World-class education from the world’s finest music schools, programs, and universities (Juilliard, UCLA, USC Thornton School of Music, Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, the Royal Conservatory of London)
  • Real-world performing experience
  • Positive and engaging personality
  • Ability to create custom plans and goals for students of all ages and levels

Our instructors are ready to help you reach your goals, whether they are to learn to accompany yourself on the guitar or to receive a full-ride scholarship as a music major to a top university!


Why You Should Choose the Hollywood Academy of Music for Guitar Classes in Los Angeles

  1. Premier Music Academy Serving Los Angeles Since 2004 
  2. Month-to-Month Lessons and No Contracts
  3. Convenient Scheduling Options on Weekdays and Weekdays
  4. Comfortable Waiting Area and Garden-Style Patio with Complimentary WiFi 
  5. Rehearsal Spaces for Students to Record Performances and Practice
  6. Complimentary Use of On-Premises Recording Studio for Students
  7. Educated and Experienced Faculty with 18+ Dedicated Teachers
  8. Month-to-Month Lessons and No Contracts
  9. Frequent Recitals and Performance Opportunities
  10. Private Make-Ups
    • Unlike most schools, we provide private make-ups, rather than having students attend group classes instead of missed classes 

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Lessons

1. Do you offer beginner guitar lessons in Los Angeles?

Yes, we specialize in guitar lessons for beginners in Los Angeles, providing a solid foundation for aspiring guitarists.

2. Are there adult guitar lessons available at your Los Angeles location?

Yes, we provide adult guitar lessons in Los Angeles tailored to the unique needs of adult learners, from complete beginners to advanced players.

3. What makes your guitar classes in Los Angeles stand out?

We are proud to offer comprehensive guitar classes with some of the best guitar teachers in Los Angeles, ensuring quality instruction for every student.

4. How can I sign up for guitar lessons in Los Angeles?

Signing up for our guitar lessons is easy. Visit our website or contact us directly to enroll in our Los Angeles guitar classes today.

5. What styles of guitar can I learn in your Hollywood guitar lessons?

Our Hollywood guitar lessons cover a range of styles, from classical to rock, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.

6. Are guitar lessons customized to my goals?

Yes, all guitar lessons are customized and tailored to your goals. For complete beginners, you can expect to spend the first few weeks covering fundamentals (guitar and wrist positioning, parts of the guitar). The pieces you play will include a combination of specialized repertoire aimed at improving your technique along with pieces you would like to work on. If you do not have any in mind or are a beginner, you will usually play duets with your teacher, which are not only engaging and fun but will offer you the opportunity to practice your coordination and rhythmic skills!

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Interested in Other Music Lessons and Programs?

We offer the following programs:

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