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Little Folks Rock Band

Program Description – Rock Band for Kids Aged 4 – 7

Little Folks Rock Band is a speciality program designed by the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts for younger students (primary ages 4 – 7). This music program allows students partake in interactive musical activities as part of a Rock Band for little kids! The program is designed to instill the love for music from a very young age and although interactive and fun, the focus is on what is most important – learning about music! The topics taught include understanding and development of rhythm, the structure of songs, melodies, and rhythmics and movement, all covered through engaging activities to ensure that children are having the utmost fun and socializing with their peers. 

The Rock Band is limited to 4 (four) children per group, and although there are many groups running throughout the year, we are also able to open new group slots for 3 (three) or more students. So, feel free to bring your friends and start your very own Rock Band! 


Little Folks Rock Band is designed for the youngest students between the ages of 4 and 7. The class has no prerequisites – the only thing that’s required is your presence! 

Itinerary and Cadence

Little Folks Rock Band is a once-a-week class that runs in 45-minute increments. During this time, children engage in a variety of interactive activities, including learning about rhythm using both digital and acoustic drum kits, learning simple guitar chords, singing, exploring various songs, and dancing/moving to shed off all that extra energy! 

Tuition and Enrollment

Flat Tuition: $139/month
The program runs from September through December, January through May, and June through August. Enrollment is open on a rolling basis. Click here to sign up.


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