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Group Classes

There are a variety of group classes taking place at the Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts! More information about each program can be found below!

Early Childhood Music Class

*Due to COVID-19, the Early Childhood Music Class has been transformed into a private class rather than a group class!*

The Early Childhood Music Class is one of our most popular programs and allows children ages 2 – 6 get an engaging and fun introduction to the world of music.

Prodigies focuses on music theory, pitch training & playing specially-designed instruments (desk bells, xylophones, recorders) during your child’s critical period for auditory development.

We use vibrant colors, Solfege, numbers & hand-signs to make the musical notes accessible, memorable and extremely fun. By focusing on the language of music & music theory while kids are in this critical period for auditory development, Prodigies helps kids internalize the sound of the musical notes to make music almost second nature.

Musical Theatre Classes (Kids and Adults)

Current installment for Spring 2021:

By combining songs, dialogue and acting our Musical Theatre classes are meant to teach and provide inspiration to students of all ages the craft of Musical Theatre. Our Musical Theatre classes feature instruction in both theatrical and musical arts, and our students will participate in actual theatre performances every 12 weeks.

  • Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts offers both private and group Musical Theatre classes for all ages. The material presented is based on some of the best known and loved musicals. Special attention will be paid to methods and vocal techniques that will give the student a solid performance foundation. Props, music and movement will combine to tell the most amazing and inspiring stories of the human state. From humor, pathos, love and anger the student will learn how to express themselves on stage.
  • Our private classes will allow for individual attention to the student’s needs. Whether the student is a beginner or they are well versed in dramatic methods these classes are particularly useful for individual audition preparation and honing monologue. There will also be a focus on the development of voice and songs for productions of their choice.
  • Our group classes are divided by age to ensure an age appropriate approach. We offer 12 week classes that are 60 minutes in length and allow for direct instruction and practical application. The fun and lively group classes will culminate in live presentation of a musical piece chosen by the teacher and students. Do not miss out on this engaging and entertaining way to expand your creativity!

Acting Classes

The Acting classes taught at Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts are ideal for the beginner student who wants to learn the different techniques and methods commonly used in the acting profession. Our instructors are well versed in monologue techniques, audition techniques and partner work.

  • Through the use of voice, imagination and improvisation the student will learn how to approach any script with confidence. Regardless of whether your goal is simply for personal growth and expression or preparing for an upcoming audition, our instructors can equip you with the skills and confidence needed to perform in front of an audience.
  • Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts also offers individual Acting lessons that will focus on the student’s goals; anywhere from audition preparation to honing monologue skills as well as discovering the best technique for the students’ skills and interest. The student will learn how to analyze scripts and gain knowledge on how to approach a Cold Read. The student will also learn how to apply their own personal strengths of acting to unknown texts with real time exercises.

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