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We generally accept drum students as young as 5 years of age.

There are now a number of drum makers who are producing small size drum kits.  Especially common now are electronic drum kits that can be found which are smaller and will work well with younger children.  A smaller drum set makes it possible for younger students to take drum lessons, whereas traditionally the main challenge would be their having trouble reaching the pedals and symbols (on a standard size drum kit).  A drum pad can be used in the beginning stages of lessons for practice at home and as a temporary substitute for a full drum kit.  Eventually however, to sustain interest drum students will want to have a full drum set (acoustic or electronic) to practice on regularly in order to get the full experience of playing drums.

For parents or adult students concerned about the noise and sheer volume of an acoustic drum set at home – consider your options with an electronic drum set.  The cost of these drum sets has dropped dramatically in the last several years, and these drum kits can be played with virtually little or no noise if headphones are used.  Please ask us for a referral for purchasing drums and we are happy to help!

We also have several instructors who are able to teach lessons on hand drums.  If you are interested in percussion lessons on congas, bongos or djembe hand drums please contact us.


If you are looking for drum lessons and are located in the greater Los Angeles area, please contact us through our “Get a Free Class” link or just give us a call.  We offer classes in three Los Angeles area locations, each of which feature a friendly and professional studio environment.

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