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We recommend ukulele for students 5 years and older.  The ukulele (sometimes called the uke) is a four string instrument that uses nylon strings, and is commonly associated with music from Hawaii.  Because of its small size and nylon strings (nylon strings don’t hurt your fingers as much!) it is a great instrument for young children and even adults to play as a substitute for guitar lessons, and as a bridge to learning guitar.  Fretting the instrument is easier for beginners than guitar because there are many chords that require only one or two fingers.

There has been a renaissance of sorts in the last 10 years with the ukulele, with a number of beautiful and complex renditions of popular songs being redone on the ukulele on popular records and YouTube.  Students will find that there is now a wide variety of songs and repertoire available to study now – from simple songs for beginners to very complex and technical tunes for more advanced students.



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