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Songwriting Lessons & Music Composition

Songwriting lessons focus on the composition of original musical works. Songwriting lessons will focus on teaching students the process of creating original melodies, chords and lyrics. The piano or the guitar will be the most common instruments used as an accompaniment for a songwriter. We will attempt to place students interested in songwriting with a voice teacher that also teaches the instrument the student wants to write on.

If students have a basic grasp of an instrument (piano, guitar or voice are the most common) they can start songwriting lessons.

For students interested in composing music for television and film, we currently have several instructors at each location that can provide lessons on composing musical scores. If this is your specific interest, please let us know as we will need to schedule your lessons with a specific teacher!


If you are looking for lessons in songwriting or composition and are located in the greater Los Angeles area, please contact us through our “Get a Free Class” link or just give us a call. ¬†We offer classes in three Los Angeles area locations, each of which feature a friendly and professional studio environment.

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